About Icon rainbow

Icon rainbow is a website where free icon materials can be downloaded for business use.
By changing size and color, they can be used for business materials, DTP/web designs, menu icons for smartphone apps, and a variety of other purposes.

In recent years, UX and UI have been receiving more attention, in order to improve the usability of a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets.
Simple designs, that are easy to understand, transcend time, and are appreciated by everyone.

We would be happy to have you use our products as part of that kind of design.

Basically, there is no need to make reports regarding the usage of the icons (redistributing or sales of edited icons are prohibited).
free icon rainbow’s license, for specific conditions for use.
New materials are constantly being added.

A web designer, who lives in a remote corner of Tokyo in Japan.
Enjoys half off sushi in the evenings.
Also operating a music site.