How to use the materials

The icons posted on this website are available for multipurpose use, including TV and print advertisements, web designs, and menu icons for apps, insofar as the user does not violate the usage conditions.

Variety of materials

The icons are in ready-to-use jpg or png image formats, and ai or esp files, that can be edited with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

jpg… General image file format; can be opened by nearly every software.
png… An image format with transparent background; useful when there is color in the background.
ai… A vector-based file, intended for DTP design. Does not become grainy when enlarged.
eps… Vector-based image file; can be opened in Photoshop.
svg… Vector data that can also be used as text data.

How to download icon materials

1. How to download from the details page

The colored icons in seven different sizes can be freely downloaded from the individual pages (*colors can be changed with Chrome and Firefox only).

2. How to download the icon materials in bulk

From the icon overview page, click on the “Plus” button for the icons. It is possible to download up to 12 icons at once.