Conditions of use

Prohibited matters regrading the materials on the website

  • Resale of the materials or edited materials distributed on is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of the materials on this website by a design or patten generator is prohibited.
  • Registering for a trademark is prohibited, since that prevents other designers from using the materials
    (the icons must be modified such that the original image is unidentifiable or uses as a small part of the processing or editing process).
  • Refrain from establishing a direct link to the site, as this will put a pressure on our server.

Q & A

QCan I print the images on products for sale (T-shirts, smartphone cases, mug cups, etc.)?
AYes. All materials are free for use.
QCan I use them as menu icons in smartphone or tablet apps?
AYes. Please let us know when the app is released.
QDo I need to report the use of your icon materials?
ANo. As long as you do not violate the conditions of use mentioned above.
QCan I incorporate the materials into the deigns of brochures and flyers for sale?
QCan I use the materials as part of the design to be submitted to a subcontractor?
AYes. However, please use them at your own risk, since the materials are freely available.

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  1. Thank you for your question.
    Sure ! you can use the images to incorporating into a logo design

  2. Can I use the images on this website to incorporate into a logo design?

  3. もちろん。10数個程度でしたら、問題ないですよ。

  4. はじめまして。名刺などを作成するiPhoneアプリを作ってるのですがicon rainbowさんのアイコンをアプリ内でスタンプとして使用しても大丈夫でしょうか?


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